5 Fun Activities to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness and Funds

To raise breast cancer awareness, there must be public events to host. Attracting people through enjoyable activities is the easiest and most effective way to promote awareness as well as funds from people. The question is what kinds of activities to conduct or join?


Educating people, most especially women, about breast cancer is important. But listening for hours through speech, video, and slideshow presentation can be boring to most. While this must be done more often, people should be entertained and really have fun too. Plus, the fees involved to join such events can be used as proceeds to help improve treatments and research regarding breast cancer. It can be also given to a particular charity that supports patients of this disease.

The use of the pink ribbon is the distinctive symbol of breast cancer awareness. People wearing this ribbon indicate they strongly advocate and support treatment against the cancer. This is more shown everywhere during the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the US, which is October. Many other countries also support and promote this awareness on the same month. Therefore, this month is the best time to hose or attend breast cancer awareness events.

1. Marathon

One famous event that helps raise awareness against breast cancer, also in other cancers, is marathon. Running for a few miles to several kilometers is a fun activity for many people. Some like to get fit while socialize with other people. Others simply want to be a partaker of this event in support for the advocacy.

Riding on a bike and racing for cancer awareness

2. Cycling

Riding on a bike and racing for cancer awareness is also a great idea. This should be an open invitation to both professional cyclists and amateur riders. Whether they’re primarily in for the healthy diet regimen or direct support to help improve cancer treatment and studies, this event is a wonderful cause to miss.

3. Fashion Show

This doesn’t have to be “Hollywoodish”. It can be expensive to host and invite prominent people for this occasion. Unless you do the standard star studded event, you can make your own fashion show and have ordinary people support it by doing the catwalk, showcasing their own styles in trendy clothes, selling dresses, etc.


4. Photography and Painting Contest

A competition for beginning painters and photographers is also a nice way to raise breast cancer awareness. The theme should be related to breast cancer. Artifacts created and displayed should be put on auction or sale to gain funds. Participants whose photos and paintings that are voted the most are the winners of this contest.

5. Zumbathon

Another fun activity that helps promote breast cancer awareness is zumba. This is becoming a famous workout to many people, both men and women. It’s surely a great way to raise awareness and funds.

Activities that involve breast cancer awareness must be fun and artistic. People who are concerned on this matter must be supportive and dynamic by joining or hosting one of the mentioned events.

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