6 Common Questions to Ask When Meeting a Doctor

Days leading to the appointed time to see a doctor for a serious matter can be nerve-wracking. There are just many things playing in your head. For sure, you have lots of questions you may like to ask to the physician, and probably want to answer yourself. The tendency is that you may not be able to remember what you need to ask. It is also possible that you may ask the wrong questions or forget the most important and related ones.


Questions to ask to a doctor during a checkup and physical exam are very essential. You have the right to know everything you should know. Sometimes, physicians are not accurate or detailed. It could slip out of their mind due to being busy and all. You have to be aware if you are not given complete information.

Question 1: How will I know if the treatment or medication works in treating my condition?

You must know how the treatment and medication prescribed by the doctors works for you. There must be indications that can tell if it is working. That way you can determine when to see him again and let him know that the treatment doesn’t seem to work. This is also a good solution for you to consider changing a doctor.

Question 2: What are other symptoms to be aware of?

There is a possibility that you may experience different or new signs during the course of your treatment. It is best that your doctor warns you about them. The occurrence of symptoms may indicate a much worse condition that may call for another treatment. When it happens, at least you know when to call or see your doctor again.

Question 3: How many times should I take the medications and should I take them with food or without food?

The prescription given by a doctor indicates the grams of medicines to take, and the frequency to take it. Yet he or she may forget to tell you if it requires taking it after eating your meal. You have to be certain if the medication prescribed should be taken with or without food.

Question 4: Are there any risks or side effects of the medication?

Many medications have side effects. As a patient, you need to identify them. Your doctor needs to tell you those side effects and risks, and what you can do to overcome them.

Question 5: What are the things I should do and not do?

There are conditions that may restrict you from doing some habits, such as drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, driving, sleeping late, etc. You have to know all those things in order for you to recover faster and without compromising your treatment.


Question 6: How long do I expect to get fully treated?

Perhaps, the most important question in which answer that you want to know is when you will recover from the condition. It may take you a few days or several weeks to be able to get cured. If you do not feel completely fine at he expected time that you should be able to recover, it will be a sign to contact your physician. Again, it is something to be aware of so you always have a backup plan.

These questions are general and important ones that every patient needs to ask to their doctors during medical checkup or exam. They can inform you regarding what’s best for you in a way that you are able to fully recover from your condition. Make sure to list down all questions and others that you are concerned about before meeting your doctor. This is to avoid forgetting what you have to ask during your appointment.

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