How to Prepare a Cancer Support Event

If you have a relative or a friend that is so close to your heart, supporting is a big deal. You can raise awareness and financial support by hosting a charity event. You can have a cancer support event that may not only benefit the person you know, but also others who are suffering the same thing or type of cancer. Here is how you can start processing this kind of event.


Find Out the Kind of Event You Want to Host

The event must be both rewarding and fun. All people concerned must benefit from it. That said, ask yourself regarding the kind of charity event you want to have. There are many options for you to do. It may be a simple gathering of people you know, or a larger one in which even strangers who have the heart to support and participate can join in. Anyhow, here are great choices that you can select from.

1. Bake Sale

This option is not that demanding but can be still stressful. If you have the passion and skill to bake a variety of treats and goodies, then try selling some muffins, cupcakes, cookies, etc. in your yard and all proceeds go to the patients you support and/or charity you want to help.

2. Wine Tasting

A wine tasting event is quite a formal one, but also a great source of money that you can use for your philanthropy. You can ask a local restaurant or a business that you know for some help and collaborate together.

3. Dinner Fundraiser

You may also opt for serving meals for one night. This can be teamed up with a restaurant, and any meals ordered by people starting from a particular time to the end or some special dishes on the menu. If not dinner, brunch is also a good choice.

4. Walk-a-Thon, Marathon or Triathlon

Walking, running, swimming and riding on a cycle is fun and healthy. This is a more ideal way to raise cancer awareness. It may not necessarily have to be about generating money just to make support. You can also provide moral support with this. But you can still have the option to make it a fundraiser event.

5. Golf Competition

Many men and women love golfing, and it is a great way to invite more than the people in your circle of family and friends for the purpose of raising either cancer awareness or money, or both.

6. Kentucky Derby Party

A horse race usually involves betting. Well, you know what that means now, don’t you? To make it more fun, have extra contests like who dresses the best and who has the most beautiful or stylish hat.

7. Car Washing

You can also host a car washing event. People who come to you won’t only get benefits from having clean, squeaky vehicles, but also be a part of this great charity work.

8. Dog Show or Grooming

It is also interesting to host a pet show of dogs. Many owners would love to showcase their cute dogs. If not a fun show, maybe providing grooming services for one whole day is a good alternative.

9. Old Fashioned Party


An exclusive event in which your family and friends are wearing 80s, 70s, or older styles is an enjoyable way to raise funds for cancer support. You can give special rewards to those who have best costume, wackiest costume, etc.

10. Auction or Yard Sale

Another idea is to sell your old belongings from furniture to jewelry. A garage or backyard sale is a simple way to hose a charity event. If you want to make sure you get the highest payments, prepare an auction and invite interested bidders.

Ask Volunteers and Help

Once you have the final decision in regards to the kind of event to host, you may start getting a list of volunteers. Some people you know can help you choose a location, make invitations, distribute leaflets, etc. This puts a lighter weight on your shoulders and overall makes things easier or quicker.

It is also a great help if you go to local business owners and companies that may extend hand for this event that you want to put up. Some are willing to help and they can provide extra finances, insurance, and volunteers.

Set a Date

A day and time is essential when hosting a event. Make it a significant date, like birthday of the person you commemorate, or your own birthday.

Publicize Your Invitation

Sending out leaflets to invite people form the street is an old but effective way to get participants. Since we are now in the modern age, you can do more than that. Start making a Facebook event and invite people. Have a website and join a local listing of classified ads.

Get Authorization

To ensure your event is not doubted by people, validate it by obtaining permit or authentication. Plus, you do not want get sued or hear complaints. You need to have permit and this is very pivotal.

These are important things to keep in mind in preparing a charity event. This is not just a special occasion that lets you do whatever you want. Sometimes, there is restriction as to what to do to make it productive and successful. But like always, it has to be fun, very rewarding and victorious.

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