What Are The Signs Of Colon Cancer?

There are common and not-so obvious signs of colon cancer. Many of the symptoms are same signs of various diseases so it can be difficult to diagnose just by those signs alone. Regardless, it’s important and helpful to know those different signs so you can suspect if it’s cancer in the colon or not. This gives you an idea to get immediate medical help.


Colon cancer has no distinctive symptoms at all. But this doesn’t mean that when you experience such signs is an instance to not worry. Although you are encouraged to not panic at all, being aware is what to keep in mind.

Here are the symptoms:
1. Constipation
2. Diarrhea – It happens for a few days to a week
3. Narrow stools and change in smell or color; with blood
4. Gas and bloating
5. Muscle cramps around the stomach
6. Abdominal pain
7. Vomiting
8. Fatigue
9. Sudden weight loss
10. Anemia

If pain and discomfort in the stomach become unbearable that’s associated with other symptoms mentioned above, it is a wise decision to go to a doctor for help. So what if it’s just diarrhea? At least it can help you rule out that it is cancer. But what if it’s actually cancer and yet you don’t’ do anything until it’s on its later stage. It’s much better that you set paranoia in and suspect it’s cancer than to feel sorry for yourself.

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The signs of colon cancer listed above are similar symptoms of other health conditions. They can be also serious so addressing such of these signs is as important as treating it as a cancer. Also, those conditions can be signs that cancer is possible happening. Potential diseases or infection related to the symptoms are the following:


1. Hemorrhoids
2. Crohn’s disease or Colitis
3. IBS
4. Spastic colon
5. Appendicitis
6. Ulcer
7. Gall bladder problems
8. Hernia
9. Anal fissure

The only way you can validate such symptoms are signs of colon cancer is to have proper diagnosis. This is performed by a physician who’s going to give you the right treatment and medication. Early stages of colon cancer are much easily cured so experiencing any of these symptoms should indicate medical call as early as possible. Don’t hesitate to make appointment with a doctor right away.

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