Different Lumps in the Breasts

The disease that all or at least 90% of women in the world most commonly feared of is breast cancer. It is something they all want to avoid having as much as possible. Just the feeling of tenderness in their breasts can be enough for them to panic. While it may be a false alarm, there is still that sense where you may have a lump or a breast cancer. So for your knowledge, let’s learn about breast cancer and lumps.


What is a breast lump?

A lump in the breast is a swelling and bulge. It feels different compared to the breast tissue and fat. This can be either benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). In most cases, lumps are benign, which can really give a big sigh of relief to any woman who can have that good news.

Lumps can also occur in men’s breasts, but very rare. The chance for males to get this disease is likely very low. It is more common for women.

The swelling becomes more noticeable if the lump is near the skin. You can feel it more obviously. Such signs can be alarming, so it is recommended to see a doctor right away. It can be ruled out as any cancerous, and that can make you feel much better. If it is a case of a cancer, at least if your go to a doctor immediately then you can have a high chance of removing the lump and treat cancer more effectively.


1. Breast Cysts

A cyst is a fluid filled sac that is normally non-cancerous. It feels smooth, soft, and rubber when touched through the skin. It is usually painless, but if it is a bit painful, it does not mean that it is malignant. This case is more common in women who are 50 and above.

2. Abscesses

Another non-cancerous that may occur in women’s breast is abscess. If this develops, the skin becomes red and swollen. Those who are breastfeeding have more chances of getting this.

3. Adenomas

This is an abnormal growth of the glandular tissue in a breast. In fact, it can feel like a glandular tissue. The common type is fibroadenoma, which is firm and round in shape with smooth borders, and not cancerous. It is also not related to breast cancer at all. This can affect women who are 30 years and below.


4. Lipoma

This lump is soft, painless, and movable, but fortunately, non-cancerous.

5. Fat Necrosis

This case is a result of damaged fatty tissue in the breast. It is a lump that is also non-cancerous. It can be painful and tender. Sometimes, it can have nipple discharge and dimpling.

6. Tumor

This is the type of lump that women never want to have. It is basically a breast cancer. The feel is firm and hard, while the shape is usually. It is not painful, but cancerous, so it’s dangerous to have. It can appear anywhere in the breast or nipple area of women age 20 to 50.

There are more cases of benign lumps, but this does not mean that you have to feel safe. It is still best to see a doctor and have it checked. Do not be too confident about the lump you are feeling. It is recommended to be safe than to feel sorry later. Plus, this is a very important situation you need to take seriously. Some lumps need to be removed as well, and that still calls for medical attention. Either way, go see a physician as soon as possible.

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