Ornaments and Handicraft Items to Raise Cancer Awareness

While cancer cases are becoming a great issue in the world these days, raising awareness needs to be increased. Through products, people can make a difference to prevent the rising number of victims of cancers. As there are many different types of cancers diagnosed the last couple of years, preventing them is the least everyone can do at this point. If you have the support, concern and hope to fight cancers, show that by using some items that can remind people about the effects of this silent killer.


Ribbon Pins

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Many cancer types are distinguished in ribbons by colors. Cancer ribbons are among the products that are very famous locally and nationwide. The pink ribbon is used to raise breast cancer awareness, the teal and white for cervical cancer, the light blue for prostate cancer, the black ribbon for skin cancer, and so forth and so on.

Ribbon pins vary in sizes and styles. There are some ribbon pins that have words or phrases embedded on them. The most famous phrase you can read on a ribbon pin is “Ribbon of Hope” or “Hope for a Cure”. Others have angels or birds hanging around the ribbon pin, too.

Regardless of the kind of cancer and type of ribbon, if you want to raise awareness, have yourself get a ribbon pin that you can wear anytime, anywhere.

Ribbon Appliques

Like pins, ribbon appliqués are another type of cancer product. This one is pretty much lighter and simpler in terms of design. The material is what really makes it different from the usual pin, because it is designed from fabric. A ribbon appliqué can still be pinned on clothes, stitched on a bag, or glued on a book. It means you can show your awareness with ribbon appliqués anywhere.

Cancer Ribbon Decals or Badges

Ribbon decals are also becoming popular these days. They are stylish so why not have one pinned on some of your personal items like bags and hats. Of course, you can wear one to proudly show to people that you support cancer victims or hope for cure against this disease.

Car Ribbon Magnets

You may have nodded your head and said, “Aha, I’ve seen this, a lot of times”. Well, no one would disagree with you for sure, because this is seen in many vehicles. This product enables you to contribute in spreading the word of hope. So, ensure each of your automobiles has one ribbon magnet on the front, back or side window.

Ribbon Keychains

From door keys to locker keys, you can also show your support or raise cancer awareness with ribbon keychains. This particular product is a good personal item to use if you have the concern. Like other cancer products, a keychain is designed in a very stylish approach. Even teens would love to have one of cancer ribbon keychains because of its fashionable appearance.

Ribbon Awareness Charm

A bracelet charm is definitely a good product to buy and use in honor of or commemorating cancer awareness. If you know someone that is very dear to your life and close to your heart, a ribbon awareness charm should be an excellent personal item to have and keep for the rest of your life.

Cancer Wristbands

Since bracelet charm is only ideal for women or girls, wristbands are more universal. This kind of product is also a way to show love and support, or raise cancer awareness. In fact, it is more ideal to wear as it is not fancy at all, which means it fits to anyone whatever clothes they are wearing.

Stickers, Bumpers Stickers and Posters

Whether posted on notebooks, refrigerator doors, or the bumper of a car, cancer stickers and posters can certainly increase awareness. Stickers or posters with words on them can encourage people to join or to be aware of this matter. While they are bought very cheaply, get as many as you can and stick them everywhere in your house and office! You can even make your own stickers and posters if you want and give away some to your family members, relatives and friends, or even strangers in the street.



Cancer awareness can also be shown and spread through bookmarks. Many stores and other places that give away free bookmarks. If you see one that offers this without any charge, grab the opportunity to get one for yourself, as well as for your family and friends. Like stickers, you can easily make your own cancer bookmarks, too.

Ribbon Awareness Ornaments

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During the holidays, you can set up your Christmas tree with ribbon awareness ornaments. There are also cancer products that can be used as displays or decorations in homes. Some ornaments are very flexible, which means they can be hanged anywhere at any time, whether there is a special occasion or not. Maybe, this is the time to consider having several of this product in your house.

Cancer Awareness Apparel

Why wear a wristband, bracelet or pin if you can have a t-shirt with some words that raise cancer awareness on it? From tank tops for females to hoods for men, there are plenty of choices of apparels that you can buy and wear to commemorate cancer awareness.

Cancer Tote Bag and Drinkware

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Those who frequently go to the gym, or workout on the beach or in the woods can personally own a cancer product. You can get a tote or gym bag with phrases or ribbon on it. Likewise, partner it with a tumbler, water bottle, or travel mug to complete your unique way of raising awareness against cancer.

As you can see, there are lots of inspirational products that you can get and keep to show your support against the different types of cancers. Be it made from a simple paper to an expensive bag, you have nothing to lose if you own one. Whether you have a personal experience of the disease or not, doing this act can make a big impact around you.