5 Famous Organizations That Promote Cancer Awareness

Organizations that support cancer patients, survivors, and families are important to have in this world. They offer tips, comfort, donations, and ways to beat cancer. Here are 5 of the best ones you can rely on whether you are a patient, a relative, or a volunteer.


#1 – The American Cancer Society

Started by a group of physicians and businessmen in New York, the American Cancer Society (ACS) was first known as the American Society for the Control of Cancer or ASCC. This group had been active in raising awareness, helping patients survive, and researching ways to beat cancer since 1913. As of these days, there have been countless millions of supporters that work together in saving lives. This organization is based in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA.

#2– The American Childhood Cancer Organization

As its name suggests, the American Childhood Cancer Organization is dedicated to provide “programs and services required by families of children and adolescents with cancer” in the USA. This is also a great provider of books and materials about cancer in children. They believe that every kid and parent must be educated to be able to decrease the risk of cancers.

#3 – Make-A-Wish Foundation of America

Located in Arizona, USA, Make-A-Wish Foundation of America is another reliable group for children. People here grant wishes of kids with life-threatening diseases, including cancer. The program gives hope and happiness, which help make them feel better, stronger, and believe they can survive.

#4 – The National Breast Cancer Foundation

This foundation is exclusively for women with breast cancer. It’s also open for men who might have diagnosed with cancer in their breasts, but this is a rare case anyway. It’s founded in 1991 by Janelle Hail, who herself is a breast cancer survivor. The program is committed to “help and inspire hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support services.”


#5 – WHO Cancer Control Programme

World Health Organization, most popularly known as WHO, is famous for its various programs to help, support, and promote awareness against health conditions around the globe. This is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

There you go, so start checking them out and see what could interest you the most. These are organizations that provide help and resources about cancer.

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